The Musiikkitalo concert hall organ | Helsinki

Konzeptentwicklung und Design von Harald Schwarz in enger
Zusammenarbeit mit Wendelin Eberle | Rieger Orgelbau GmbH.



Designed with a new and modern look, the instrument is set to transform our perceptions of what the organ has to offer. Unusually, the organ’s 10,000 or so pipes will be positioned inside the instrument case, while the wind system will be visible to the audience. The aesthetics have been carefully chosen to complement Helsinki Music Centre’s magnificent architecture.

The new organ is currently being built by hand in Austria by Rieger Orgelbau.

Once complete, the instrument will be characterised by its rich versatility. The vision has been to create an instrument of the future that effortlessly lends itself to any era, genre or style of music. Created with a range of new accessories and technical solutions, we are confident that contemporary composers will find much to fascinate them here, including microtonal pipes, a fully adjustable air pressure system, and numerous stops. The instrument will have two consoles: one on stage and another within the organ case itself. This means that the organist can choose to be seated next to the conductor and remain visible to the audience during the performance.

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